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Don't Let The Fact That You Know Virtually Nothing About How To Operate Your Own Computer Prevent YOU From Being Successful In Your Own Online Business! You Just Need A "Helping Hand" To Get Started...

From the desks of:
Dave Isaacs and Aaron Leighton

Thursday 3:36pm

There are a lot of people out there who are struggling to get started online. In most cases, it's NOT because they don't REALLY WANT to succeed or that they don't have the intelligence to succeed.... but merely that they haven't yet acquired the BASIC SKILLS needed.

In fact, to say they are "BASIC" skills may be somewhat misleading because the skills you will learn in this home study course should probably more accurately be termed "FUNDAMENTAL" skills. That's right. They are SO critical to you having any chance of success that you'd be wasting your time buying any other course before getting to grips with the skills taught right here at!

That's why we've created the MyMarketingBasics Home Study Course. It's your solution to getting started online because it will teach you the very basics utilizing step-by-step videos. It's like having us standing right next to you looking over your shoulder.

The short answer is that you need to get over that! Really, it's tough to be successful in Internet business if you're scared of your PC.

But here are two things you need to hear loud and clear:

  • You do NOT have to be some kind of computer genius to be successful on the Internet! We're no geniuses and we're doing very nicely - thank you. What you DO need are some simple skills that literally anybody can learn.
  • All you need is some simple instruction about "the basics". That's it. Nothing fancy, nothing painful.

Now we're going to give you the simple instruction and the simple skills you need to do everything you need to do online...without being a techno-geek!

There are 22 practical "how-to" videos in this package that cover everything from understanding how HTML works to advanced topics like integrating video into your web pages.

It's like having a Internet business technical adviser on call twenty-four hours a day!

You'll get access to these right away, and you can refer back to these informative videos whenever you need them.

You Wouldn't Build A House On Unstable Foundations, Would You?

So Why Try To Start An Internet Business On Them?


Here's what you'll receive INSTANT ACCESS to as soon as you sign up for the MyMarketingBasics Home Study Course:

22 Step-By-Step "How To Videos" In Flash Format

PLUS 5 Step-By-Step Bonus Videos

Lifetime Membership and future upgrades

Here's a specific breakdown of the videos which currently form part of this groundbreaking course:

Video #1 - Basic Internet Tools (Part 1)
Video #2 - Basic Internet Tools (Part 2)
Video #3 - Basic Internet Tools (Part 3)
Video #4 - Basic Internet Tools (Part 4)
Video #5 - How To Register A Domain Name
Video #6 - Web Hosting (Part 1) - Setting Up Your Hosting Account
Video #7 - Web Hosting (Part 2) - Using Your Cpanel
Video #8 - How To Create A Squeeze Page
Video #9 - Setting Up A Resale Rights Product / Website
Video #10 - Adding Video & Audio To Website
Video #11 - How To Create A Slide In Box & Download Page
Video #12 - How To Set Up An Autoresponder Account
Video #13 - Setting Up A Blogger Blog (Part 1)
Video #14 - Setting Up A Blogger Blog (Part 2)
Video #15 - Setting Up A Blogger Blog (Part 3)
Video #16 - Create Your Own Graphics Using (Part 1)
Video #17 - Create Your Own Graphics Using (Part 2)
Video #18 - Create Your Own Graphics Using (Part 3)
Video #19 - Create Your Own Graphics Using (Part 4)
Video #20 - Setting Up A Wordpress Blog (Part 1)
Video #21 - Setting Up A Wordpress Blog (Part 2)
Video #22 - Setting Up A Wordpress Blog (Part 3)


PLUS - If You Order Today, We're Also Going To Throw In The Following BONUS Videos!


Bonus Video #1 - How To Check Your Visitor / Usage Stats In Cpanel
Bonus Video #2 - How To Setup A Redirect To Mask Your Affiliate Link
Bonus Video #3 - How To Add A Background Image To Your Webpage
Bonus Video #4 - How To Add A Floating Countdown Time To Your Website
Bonus Video #5 - How To Add A Mandatory Checkbox To Your Website




Simply complete the form below and we'll INSTANTLY send download details to a sample video so that you can see the type of step-by-step content you'll receive when you go on to purchase this incredible package.


Your privacy is important to us and we will NEVER rent, sell or otherwise distribute your personal information. That's our GUARANTEE!


These videos will show you in EXACT DETAIL how to do all those niggly little things that have held you back until now - yet they are just SO fundamental to your success!

Once you've mastered these basic skills, "the world's your oyster" and you are certainly well on your way to being able to achieve success online.


Ok - So By Now You're Probably Saying "What's Your Home Study Course Gonna Cost Me?"


Great question and thanks for asking! We COULD have easily priced this at $97 or more however we gave it a LOT of thought and figured that we'd like to help as many people as possible here. So we're pricing this at $9.97. And that's it. No monthly billing, no ongoing fees - just $9.97 one time.

Now you may think we're nuts, but believe us, we'd not be able to make our fortunes online if we were nuts when it came to pricing and doing business. We're not, and you should pay attention.

See ... We have another motive as well. We want to show you that we provide value - even when we price low. This is to earn your trust when we have higher ticket items.

As good as this foundational package is, our knowledge goes very deep. There are factors that let you start building the "virtual rooms" of your business on top of the foundation, and we will be making this knowledge available to you, as well. So this introductory price is a way of earning your trust in advance.

So even though this package is priced way way low, we have very good reasons for making sure we packed this with truly high quality INFORMATION - not just "content." Information you can put to use TODAY! Information you can rely on. And relying on it, you will have reason to rely on the source.

Now this introductory price can't last forever, so we suggest you grab it right now - while the getting is good.

Of course - we MAY just change our mind at any time and we reserve the right to do so, so there is no better time than RIGHT NOW to grab your package. There's NO CHANCE we'll be reducing the price any further so you won't get a better deal than you see right here, right now.

BUT - just to sweeten the deal even further... and those who have already seen this package have asked us why on earth we'd even bother to include bonuses... we've decided to throw in 4 5 Killer Bonuses for those who snap up their package TODAY.

If you order TODAY we'll also throw in the


BONUS #1 - Step-By-Step Action Guide - Your RoadMap To Successful Goal Achievement (Valued at $47.00)

Get ready to pack your bags because…

You CAN Have Everything You Want In Life When You Discover The “Right Way” To Getting Your Goals! 

Lifestyle or freedom is what’s usually the driving force for setting and reaching your goals.

Regardless of your level of education unfortunately it’s likely you were never taught the right way to effectively set goals or more importantly how to cross the finish line.

Revealed At Last – Here’s The Secret Formula For Successful Goal Achievement!


BONUS #2 - Step-By-Step Action Guide - MP3 Audio Sessions
(Valued at $27.00)

Not only will you get the Step-By-Step Action Guide above, but right now we're also throwing in the MP3 audios for the guide so that you can kick back and listen to them while taking a bit of a break!

As you may already know learning from audio is one of the best ways to learn as it’s the perfect way to cement the “Goal Achievement Steps” into your brain. It’s also excellent to listen to whenever you need a refresher or simply to help keep you motivated.

You can listen to the 26-minute audio version on any MP3 player or even listen on your PC. Enjoy while you’re walking, riding in your car, or whenever it’s most convenient for you. 


BONUS #3 - Step-By-Step Action Guide - 5 x Goal Setting Worksheets
(Valued at $37.00)

We’ve extracted and mapped out the most important elements of our Step-By-Step Action Guide and created “five” easy to follow and use “Goal Setting Worksheets”

Once you’ve gone over the guide you’ll want to print out and take a few minutes to complete each of the five “Goal Setting Worksheets”.

These short worksheets will become the foundation to help you build a solid structure for a lifetime of achievement!


BONUS #4 - Lifetime Membership And Updates (Valued at $197.00)

From time to time we will be adding more videos to the site and by becoming a member TODAY, you'll receive complete access to them as part of your one time payment.

ANY updates that are made to the site in the future will be accessible by you at any time in the future.

It DOES HOWEVER go without saying that as we add more content, the value of this package increases and, inevitably, so will the price, however when you purchase today, you lock in the low one-time price forever. You'll never have to pay anything extra to access this content!

This represents incredible value and is worth the paltry price of this package on its own!


PLUS - As A "FASTSTART BONUS" For The Next 100 64 Members, We'll Throw In The Following ADDITIONAL Step-By-Step Videos!


"FASTSTART BONUS" - Beginner's Guide To Google Sites (Valued at $27.00)


Learn to create your own beautiful and fully functional content site absolutely free using google sites.

This three part video series shows you step by step how to use google sites to it's fullest potential.



Here is What You Will Learn In These Videos:

How to set up your pages using gadgets
How to use the different page types
How to integrate your site with Google Web master tools
How to add your own site links.
How to use your own domain for your Google site.
and much more........

Yours ABSOLUTELY FREE as a "FastStart Bonus" if you order RIGHT NOW.



Our Iron-Clad 60-Day
"All The Risk Is On Us" Guarantee!

Ok - Here's the deal: You'll Finally Learn All Those Fundamental Skills That Have Been Holding You Back From Succeeding Or You'll Tell Us To Shove Our Course Where The Sun Don't Shine And Hand Back Your Entire Investment. Plain and Simple!


Hurry ... This Offer WON'T Last Forever
At This CRAZY Low Price!


As we've already said, we're not sure how long we'll offer this complete study course at such a substantial discount. Let's face it - you DON'T get much for $9.97 these days and when you consider the potential benefits of FINALLY being able to overcome those obstacles that you thought were IMPOSSIBLE to conquer, then this is an investment that doesn't require a heck of a lot of thought!

A don't forget - we're also including the 4 5 Killer Bonuses if you order your package today.


Bonuses included in this package
$ Value
Bonus #1 - Step-By-Step Action Guide
Bonus #2 - MP3 Audio Sessions For Action Guide
Bonus #3 - Goal Setting Worksheets
Bonus #4 - Lifetime Membership and Updates
"FastStart Bonus" - Beginner's Guide To Google Sites
The BONUSES ALONE Are Worth =====>



Your Package Will Be Available For INSTANT DOWNLOAD As Soon As You Have Placed Your Order - NO WAITING For Products To Be Shipped To You! You Can Get Started Immediately...



Yes, Dave and Aaron, I want to finally be able to put all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together by learning all of those fundamental skills needed to run my own online business! I'm ready to secure my "MyMarketingBasics Home Study Course"

The MyMarketingBasics Home Study Course is sold through ClickBank - a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products.


What have you got to lose?

You've seen what's on offer. We've taken the entire risk by offering our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. What's more to discuss? You just need to ACT NOW and secure your membership for the one-off fee of just $9.97 before we come to our senses and raise the price to something more realistic.

Isn't it time YOU finally made a decision to do something about moving your life forward? You won't find this type of training available anywhere else at this price so there is no better time than right now to get started.

We'll see you on the inside!

Your friends in success,

Dave Isaacs and Aaron Leighton

P.S. Don't let the paltry $9.97 pricepoint fool you. This is QUALITY STUFF and is backed by our full 60-Day No Risk Guarantee. You'd be a fool not to snap this up.

P.P.S. Remember - spots are STRICTLY LIMITED and if we add more content or once we reach our predetermined "magic number" the price has to rise to something more realistic.

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